broken heartContent marketing strategies and tactics can change overnight, especially when a Google search algorithm change is released without little warning. The most successful content marketers are those who roll with these changes and adapt their content accordingly. There are many mistakes to be made in content marketing, but the good news is that all can be avoided, with a little creativity, foresight and planning.

Mistake #1 – Using Content For Link Building

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it old school , but when it comes to SEO copywriting, link building is history. This approach might have worked back in the 90s, but it’s not going to work for you now. There was a time when more links meant more visitors and clicks on your website. Today, that mantra has changed, and as a result you need to start thinking about quality instead of quantity. Quality links can really influence your site’s rankings and the effect it has on your target audience. Citations, links from authoritative sites in your industry and brand mentions can all work wonders for your business.

This is why we never create content solely to build links. Google doesn’t like any content that smacks of link building and so we avoid it like the plague.

Mistake #2 – The More Content, The Better

Many people rush headlong into creating as much content as possible on their website and social channels. Do you ever consider who is reading this content and why? Publishing a new blog post each week is fantastic, but if you are only receiving a handful of visits as a result, you could be wasting your time.

Content fatigue can be a big problem for companies falling into the trap of publishing too often. In conversation, more is not always better. Do you want to be talking at your target audience, or engaging with them, making them feel good and influencing them to take positive action? The people we listen to in life are generally those with something interesting to say, something worth saying and which is conveyed in a way we can understand and trust.

Mistake #3 – If You Create It, They Will Come

So, you’ve created a really exciting and fresh blog post and published it to your website. The only problem is, nobody is reading, sharing or commenting on your masterpiece. Today’s content landscape has changed. You need to push your content harder, share it further and make it work for you across a number of different channels. That means promoting it over social media, peppering your copy with good keywords and ensuring your content appeals to your target audience. Put simply, if you create it and promote it, they will come. 

Mistake #4 – The Best Way To Market Content Is Through A Blog

A blog is a great way to market your content and your brand, but it isn’t the only way. Today, you have so many options available when it comes to content marketing. It makes sense to use as many as possible to get your message across in a meaningful way.

Here are just some of the ways we can help you to do that:

  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • White papers
  • Pinboards
  • Competitions and give aways
  • SlideShare Presentations

Mistake 5: Content Is All You Need

The phrase “content marketing” can be a little misleading as it suggests that the content itself is the marketing. It’s actually the call to action that is the real money maker. The art of a good call to action is to work it into the rest of your content seamlessly. At no point do you want your content to turn into a blatant sales pitch, but you can introduce relevant and engaging CTAs where necessary and appropriate. By creating content and marketing that go together, you can generate leads without being too salesy.


5 Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Content
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