A little about me

rsz_1226538_20130517600_8933_nMy name is Sarah, a freelance copywriter and online marketer based just outside London.  I work with local, national and international clients, helping them to get the best results from content marketing.

Whether you are a small startup company, medium-sized business or a national brand, I can help you to get the best from your copywriting investment.



My background and experience

I actually never planned to become a copywriter. IT support was my thing just a decade ago. It was only when my children popped into the world that I decided I needed a change. Looking after small kids throughout the night is much like looking after a temperamental server, but the pay isn’t so great! Something had to give, and here I am. I always had a passion for all things creative, whether it was writing short stories as a teenager or reading well into the early hours, I often had a pen or book in my hand. I have now been writing content for 10 years and have worked with many small and medium sized business as well as big name brands such as RAC, Vodafone and npower Plc.

How I work

The most important factor for me before I put a single word to paper, or rather screen, is to find out all about your business or organisation. This is what your customers are going to want to know too and so it’s important that I understand everything about you and what you are looking to achieve. Getting involved in the detail early on means I can make suggestions along the way and really help you to get the best investment from your content. I want you to be confident that you have chosen the right copywriter for the job and that your content is now heading in the right direction.

Communication is also very important to me. That’s why you’ll often hear back from me within an hour of sending me a message (depending on your timezone, naturally) – I am always connected to some device or other. It’s mostly just me you’d be dealing with and so you can expect personal service every step of the way. However, for those times when specialist content is required or high volume orders require more hands and creative minds, I have a team of trustworthy and experienced writers to call upon.

Why choose Copy Angels?

Well, if you’re struggling with your content and it’s not getting you results, I can turn that around. I have a very clear understanding of how digital marketing works, and how the right words can convert a visitor into a paying customer. Whether you are looking for a complete content revamp on your website, or you need a press release to push your latest product, I can help. I can also help if you need an article on “Stone Masonry Through The Ages” within 24 hours  and don’t know who to turn to – a client asked for this a few days ago!

The non-worky stuff

When I’m not neck-deep in keywords, headlines and calls to action, I like to listen to electronic music (I also write music reviews for Synthetix FM if you want to see my alternative writing styles!), play with electronics (the love for technology never left), and paint (watercolours at the moment, but I’ve just invested in some beautiful acrylics). Just this week I’ve taken up video animation with the kids and so you could see video production being added to my list of services very soon!