imagesWhen the web first started, it was a marvellous jumble of letters and links. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t always informative, but it was certainly wordy! Then our worlds were changed forever with 52k modems that allowed us to look at images online. It was DSL that was the real game changer from a marketing and entertainment perspective. With the introduction of faster and faster connection speeds, isn’t it only natural that marketing techniques would keep pace with technology?

High-res images and high-def video have changed the face of marketing. Where long swathes of copy once sat now sits a gallery of stunning images with short text, or a full-length sales video. As a copywriter who charges more for long copy than for shorter pieces, I shouldn’t really be saying this, but less copy is often more. With more imagery and less content you are speaking to both sides of the brain (linear and creative), engaging the reader in a powerful decision making process that even they are not fully aware of.

Perfecting The 2-Way Conversation With Online Content

Let’s say you’re buying a car direct from the dealership. The conversation will usually be shorter because you’re having a 2-way interaction with the salesperson, asking questions and listening and watching as the salesperson answers and demonstrates. With a 1-way conversation on a website those questions will need to be pre-empted and satisfactory answers given. The result is usually a page swimming in text that can baffle the reader and at worst lose them altogether.

Many copywriters today believe that the “long copy gospel” is the only way to go when it comes to emulating a 2-way conversation, but it doesn’t have to be this way. By giving your content a shake up with video, images and shorter content, you speak to both parts of your readers’ consciousness and really hit your sales marketing message home.

Why The One Size Fits All Approach No Longer Works

There was a time when website pages were literally stuffed to the gunnels with keywords in order to boost search engine ranking. Fortunately, Google put paid to this with their Penguin and Panda updates, practically forcing marketeers to produce quality content that was attractive to human eyes as well as search engine algorithms.

Content is important, but it is the quality of the words rather than quantity that is often most effective. We treat every client’s needs differently. Whether you require short and persuasive product descriptions or killer slider text, we specialise in short copy that gets you noticed.

Sell Them The Car, The Insurance And The Breakdown Cover Too!

When you’re engaging with potential customers online, it’s all about the initial hook. Once you have their interest, it’s almost like having a 2-way conversation in the real world. Anything you say once they have made a decision to buy will be much easier to convey. You have their trust. Want to push an extended warranty or sell additional accessories for your product? You can do this with short copy and images too. In fact, hitting your visitors with long copy at the buying and checkout stage could cause them to change their minds completely!

Need help condensing your content, or getting your message across clearly? We can help with all forms of long and short online marketing including video, imagery and audio.


The Long & Short Of It – Does Long Copy Work Better?

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